STREET WORKOUT. Here's how they do it in Chisinau

They get remarkable results, although training in parks. More Moldovan sportspeople practice the so-called "street workout", a set of drills that may be done not necessarily in gyms.

The young people showed off in the Valea Trandafirilor Park from Botanica sector of Chisinau. The passers-by couldn’t help admiring their well-shaped muscles.

Both professionals and amateurs joined the contest:

"It’s not easy, but if you want you do it. It’s easier so in life", said professional sportsman Dumitru Nirca.

"I have been training since 16. It’s not an easy sport, as it requires much motivation. I train my biceps by lifting myself at the bar," said Mihail Romanciuc, a professional sportsman.

The youngest sportsman is but 13: "I was not familiar with such a sport before. Then I started to train myself. I fell but twice," said amateur Daniel Nistor.

"This event is organized to promote a healthy life style among the young people, as it’s the most popular street sport. You have your weight, you shape your body, you don’t need a gym," said organizer Mihail Isaicul.

The best workout sportsmen got diplomas and medals.

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