STOP FALS! Jurnal TV caught lying. DPM denies the information distributed by Jurnal about Vlad Plahotniuc's health

Media Trust Jurnal TV, that is held by the fugitive criminal brothers Topa, caught lying. Jurnal TV published news saying that PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc, suffered a stroke. However, the speaker of the Democrat Party of Moldova Vitalie Gamurari, denied the information.

"About the LIES promoted by the propaganda trust and fake news Jurnal TV, regarding the health problems of our DPM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc, I can assure you that these news are FAKE, as all the promoted content by this propaganda tool. I am forced to disappoint the propagandists and those who stand behind them and say that Mr. Plahotniuc is completely fine and is working along with the team for the citizens so that they don't suffer from the irresponsibility of other politicians who try to create chaos and instability in the country.

I ask the Jurnal TV propagandists to correct the published lies and I want to send the same words to other media institutes who picked up a false information without any verification. 


P.S. For the opposition politicians and their propagandists: Be careful, an exaggerate consumption of seafood can increase the mercury levels and can affect the mental health", wrote Gamurari on his Facebook page.

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