Statistics show that Chisinau and Bălţi are the most dangerous cities in Moldova

Chisinau and Bălţi were declared the cities with most crimes registered in 2017. According to data of National Statistics Bureau, last year took place 35 600 crimes. The number being by 15% less than in 2016.

In the Capital were registered close to 140 crimes per 10 000 residents, while in Bălţi counted 115 crimes per 10 000 residents. In terms of districts, Criuleni and Cahul are considered among the most dangerous. There, the number of crimes per 10 000 residents amounts to 112 and 100. While the safest districts are Glodeni and Șoldănești, registering 49 crimes each per 10 000 residents.

The number of criminals has also decreased. According to the data, last year, close to 15.7 thousand people committed crimes, by 10% less than in 2016. Most of the times, illegalities were made by men. Last year, over half of the criminals were older than 30.


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