Statistics show Moldovans spend more than they earn

Moldovans spend more than they earn. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in the third quarter of this year, a citizen of the country had an average income of 2,080 lei, while expenditures amounted to 2,200 lei.

Statistics also show that Moldovans income is based on wages, around 40-per-cent.

Pensions, benefits and social assistance register just over 24-per-cent of the money, and 16 percent of income are remittances.

However, most of them money, our citizens spend on food, over 41-per-cent.

An important aspect for Moldovans is the home care, over 22 percent.

More than ten percent of the money are spent on clothing and footwear.

Statistics also show that nearly 7-per-cent of Moldovans spend money on health expenditure.

Five percent of the money are for entertainment, and the last one is education, for which they spend less than one percent of the money.

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