Statistics: More than quarter of Romanians aged 15 and over are smokers

One in four Romanians are smokers but the share of men who smoke is 40% while the share of women smokers is only 12%. Thus, Romania ranks fifth for the share of male smokers in the EU and second-to-last for the share of female smoker, according to

A total of 25.7% of Romania’s population aged 15 and over were smoking in 2014, the figure being close to the EU average of 24%, according to data from the European Union’s statistical office Eurostat.

The lowest shares of current smokers in 2014 among the population aged 15 or over were recorded in Sweden (16.7%) and the United Kingdom (17.2%), while the highest shares were registered in Bulgaria (34.7%) and Greece (32.6%).

In Romania, 19.8% of the population was smoking on a daily basis, and 5.8% was only smoking occasionally.

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