Statistics: More Moldovans chose to purchase insurance in 2017

More Moldovans begun purchasing insurances, having spent close to 1.5 billion lei over 2017, or by 4.5% more than in 2016.

Still, only 13 companies gained a profit, while 7 suffered losses. According to National Statistics Bureau, nearly 700 million lei were spend on car insurances.

For CASCO insurances, people paid 290 million lei. Another 180 million lei Moldovans spent on life insurances, in case of fire or natural disasters. Least money was invested in health, close to 80 million lei.

Statistics show that in 2017, insurance companies paid compensations and indemnities worth over 490 million lei.The number having decreased by 5% since 2016. Most money, close to 250 million lei, was paid for automobile liability insurance.

For CASCO insurances were paid nearly 160 million lei.

Those who had life insurances were compensate with almost 50 million lei. While citizens who insured their items against fires and natural disasters received 13 million lei. According to the statistics, last year, insurance companies had an income of over 2.3 billion lei, while their expenses amounted to 2.2 billion lei.

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