Statistics: Less Moldovans chose to leave for Russia

Less Moldovans chose to work in Russia. According to Federal State Statistics Service, in the first ten months of this year, over 440 thousand of citizens went to work abroad in Russia, with 140 thousand less than in a similar time in 2014.

Experts believe this tendency to be caused by the economic crisis which reached Russia, but also our citizen's favor to lean toward European Union.

"The fact that they gained European passports, allowing them to travel freely in the west, caused a massive difference of migration toward East, which was unheard of in such a small period of time of 3-6-9 months, exceptions being of a year, comparing to the West for long term stays" economic specialist, Roman Chirca said.

Moldovans that work in Russia complain of tough conditions, while due to the drop in value of the Russian Ruble their salaries reduced by half.

"Truth to say we are worthless there. Our salaries remained the same, but in exchange the ruble dropped in its value. It is half of what it used to be. For example, seven years ago, 30 thousand rubles was equivalent to one thousand US dollars, now it reaches 500 at most."

"Most of my friends went to Europe and I don't know, perhaps after New Years we will go there as well."

"Of course it is better in Europe. In Russia we have no free time at all. We work in freezing weather, it is difficult, living conditions are expensive, when you think of the home and bed you left behind it is very painful."

The fact that less Moldovans chose to go to Russia is also confirmed by statistics offered by Moldovan Railways. In the first nine months of this year, in that directions went over 223 thousand citizens, with almost 10 500 less than in a similar time last year. Institution's representatives declare that in the past, on the route Chisinau- Moscow, two trains per day were required, now it goes only once per day.

"If in the past one train had 18-20 passenger cars, now we can only fill 8 to 12" chief of passenger transport service CFM, Anatolie Rusu said.

Data from Central Bank also shows that money transferred from Russia to Moldova lessened. If in 2013, Moldovans sent from Russia 1.5 billion US dollars, last years the number lowered to 387 million US dollars.

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