Statistics Bureau airs delayed data of 2014 census

After waiting three years, the results of the 2014 census have been published. According to the National Statistics Bureau (BNS,) the number of Moldovans is 2,998,235, of which 2,804,801 were certified in the census.

51.8% are women and 48.2% are men. The average age is 37.6 years. The women are averagely 39.2, and the men – 35.8 years. 

Processing the data garnered in 2014 was resumed last year, after Premier Pavel Filip had ordered it and had asked for verifying the reasons of tergiversating the announcement of the results and for punishing the guilty.  

84 mn lei were spent on the census in May 12-25, 2014.

The next census is scheduled for 2021. will post more stories on the census. See graphs here.

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