State's security and defense sector wasn't included in the activity program of Sandu's Government

The state's security and defense sector wasn't included in the activity program of Sandu's Government, which was published the second week after it's investment. this fact apparently doesn't bother even the new Defense Minister, Pavel Voicu, who recognizes that he doesn't master yet the domain to which he committed to work in the executive led by the Kozak alliance.

A week ago, on June 15, the new Defense Ministry said that he doesn't want the Russian troops to retreat from Moldova's territory. Then Pavel Voicu, who is the Socialist's exponent in the Maia Sandu Government, declared that he needs some time for research before taking any positions. 

For it's part, the PM Maia Sandu recognizes that the new executive's governing program was made in a hurry and it's still under work.
'In the Government action program will be all the things, very concrete and pointed out. The action program is elaborated after the Government gets into function and works on it together with the Ministries, during a few weeks', said the PM, Maia Sandu.

The lack of the Defense and Security sector of the state caused puzzlement even among political analysts close to the new Government, including Igor Botan.
'Regarding the programs: I was amazed to see the program of the actual Government, but I learned very quickly that this is a provisional one for 2019', said the political analyst, Igor Botan.

Igor Botan tried to find an excuse for the Sandu Government's mistake.
'It wasn't a problem for the Sandu Government to make a copy/paste', said the political analyst, Igor Botan.

The former vice-PM of the Sturza Government, Alexandru Muravschi, was also disturbed by the document's content. On his Facebook page, he wrote that he studied this document, but for now he doesn't have reasons to praise it and doesn't want to criticize too. In his opinion, it is about the general intentions, because the document was made in a hurry. Alexandru Muravschi also says that he's waiting for another Governing program.
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