Statements of Renato Usatii show involvement in dubious schemes

Balti town mayor Renato Usatîi caught in his own trap. Public statements made by Usatii reveal more details demonstrating his involvement in illegal activities, but also in dubious schemes. These were the statements of the "Fabrika" talk show. 

"If you listen to he, you thinks he's Dartanian and the happiness bringer in Balti town and other locations. At the same time we see growing tangents with the criminal world. That is obvious" , said Veaceslav Balacci blogger.

Political analyst Victor Gurău was referred to the cooperation between Usatîi and institutions in Romania as if attempting murder of Russian banker, Herman Gorbunţov.

"He's not even a good liar, but an embarrassing one. Such actions of transmission of amounts of money in investigations or operations are executed under the supervision of respective bodies in order to bring added value to the investigation" , said political analyst Victor Gurau.

Guests of the show have also discussed the press speculation regarding a letter on Vitalie Proca that he has received in prison.

"Such tricks are forgeries. Evidence obtained by police and prosecutors. They are worth" ,  said former Deputy of Internal Affairs Gennadie Cosovan.

"If Plahotniuc would have needed this letter, then, why would he refuse it? Usatii's explanations that Plahotniuc would be scared, are not serious. He could send anyone to fetch the letter. If she was photographed, it does not prove anything" , said political analyst Andrei Andrievski

Renato Usatîi is being investigated for attempted murder in command of Gherman Gorbuntsov. In October, the media published information that the politician would have promised $ 600,000 to Vitalie Proca just for him to declare that Usatii is not guilty of murder.

Later the police detained Valeriu Malarciuc, the intermediary of the politician, for sending the first part of the money sent to the killer.

In a social media post, Usatii has confirmed that he has paid the killer Vitalie Proca.

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