Statement of Public Services Agency on the illegal issuance of driver's licenses

Public Services Agency does not tolerate corruption among employees and will collaborate with law enforcement to identify all people who were illegally issuing driver's licenses.

"Public Services Agency will fully collaborate with the National Anticorruption Center to identify any suspects and announces that it does not tolerate corruption among the staff.

We are interested in eliminating any corruption attempt within the institution.

We accentuate that the Agency was created with the sole aim to eliminate bureaucracy within the public services and to offer citizens quality and fast services" wrote the press statement of Public Service Agency.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that five employees from Public Services Agency, among which counts two chiefs, were arrested this morning. They were arrested after NAC and prosecutors are performing searches at the Public Services Agency and multiple driving schools from Chisinau.

The suspects have supposedly used an illegal scheme allowing people to gain driver's licenses, discovering over 600 cases of driver's licences being illegally issued.

Evidence revealed that to pass the exam, the suspects were paid between 500 and 1 500 Euro.

Investigators documented frauds during examinations, considering that commission members were indicating the right answers, within the examination room, or through the phone. There were also documented cases when members from the commission would pass the exam in place of the candidates. According to the evidence, in 9% of the cases, candidates were not present at the examination, while 1% of them were even abroad at the time.

A total of over 60 searches were performed at the offices and houses of Public Services Agency employees, as well as some workers from driving schools. Officers managed to find money, documents and other evidence relevant to the case.

The suspects are accused of influence peddling. The suspects risk to spend the next 6 years behind bars. The issued driver's licenses might also be withdrawn.

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