Statement of Andrei Nastase after polling station closures

The polling stations were closed at 21:00. Candidate of bloc ACUM for Chisinau Mayor Andrei Nastase expressed his gratitude to the voters. 

"These elections, the most important ones in the past years, have been conducted under much better conditions than the others until now. Fake news, denigration and dirty attacks from within or outside of Moldova were not present during this race. I call on all colleagues, representatives and observers in stations to ensure that the vote of the people is respected", said Andrei Nastase.

General local elections are held in Moldova on Sunday, 20 October, #ALEGEPUBLIKA. The voting citizens are electing their mayors and councilors in 1,969 polling stations open throughout Moldova. As a result of the local election, 898 mayors and 11,580 local councilors will be elected. 

Meanwhile, four uninominal constituencies are holding new parliamentary elections today. The voters from constituencies no. 17, 33, 48 and those in the district no. 50, Western Europe.

The latest information about these elections is updated on, on our Youtube or Facebook page. 

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