State supports, offers grants to entrepreneurs willing to develop

The Moldovan economy is surging and the government is ready to help the entrepreneurs willing to develop, said Economy Minister Octavian Calmîc on a show at Publika TV yesterday evening.

He says the government focuses on attracting foreign investors, but skilled specialists are needed in order to succeed.

Octavian Calmîc says the state actively involves in developing local producers, through such an efficient tool as the financial support: "To the ones who have not learnt, we offer a series of tools for promotion, training, free on different platforms.

We also offer grants up to 100,000 or 200,000 lei, which can be utilized by startups," he said.

The deputy Prime Minister deems the education system needs to be reformed to train specialists needed on the labor market: "It’s not normal when the state spends tens of millions to instruct youths for professions unnecessary or the skills they get do not match the requirements of the day. The technologies and equipment have changed. New sectors have appeared and these things are not taught in the vocational schools.”

Octavian Calmîc emphasized more and more European investors come to the Moldovan market: "Over 55 % of the investments have European capital. They come from countries with traditions: Germany, Austria, France, Italy. Fewer come from the east, practically not at all: no big-scale projects have been recorded at least to influence our statistics."

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