State Secretary: We can't stop and control proportion of infected patients entering Moldova

On Monday, Feb 24, 700 people entered Moldova from Italy at the Chisinau International Airport and around 2000 people at the border customs, Marina Golovaci, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection announced on the Primele Ştiri show.

According to her, only the Infectious Diseases Hospital Toma Ciorbă is equipped to treat persons in quarantine for coronavirus. Other hospitals will be re-profiled if the number of patients gets higher. 

"At the moment, hospitals are provided with the necessary equipment, devices and medicines. We already have certain stocks of medicines. In case of increased demand, the stocks will be replenished," Golovaci said.

She also stressed that only the infected persons and coronavirus-exposed patients, not the entire population, should wear face masks. 

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best precautions are the standard, everyday ways to avoid all germs: wash your hands frequently, try not to touch your face, and avoid close contact with sick people.

Any patients that present flu-like symptoms should wear face mask. Doctors and nurses treating potentially infected patients are directed to wear masks and goggles.

But for the average person, a mask is probably not necessary.

"We should not panic", Marina Golovaci insisted. 

The official said the state can't intervene in lowering the hiking price of face masks. 

"It's extremely difficult to set the price in a country with a free economy. Some of the businesses replied that "sorry, it's business"", Marina Golovaci said. 

It should be noticed that the thermal scanner can’t detect all cases of the disease.

"We have to be objective that we can't stop and control the proportion of infected patients entering the country. Because while we can detect patients with fever, we can't detect patients during the incubation period of the virus. The scanning measures are only additional measures to isolate the infected persons at the moment", the official announced. 

Marina Golovaci stressed that it is very important for people coming from the areas with high risks to report clearly their travel, and if they do have infections - contact the doctor.



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