State Register to issue new type of stickers starting January 1st (Photos)

State Register will start using new type of stickers for technical inspection starting January 1st, 2017. The testing station will begin releasing the new stickers in December this year, for the necessary stock to be ensured. 

The new badge sticker is made of self-adhesive material, protected with advanced security features and can not be used after separation.

The badge will be placed on the windshield on cars with an old type license. 

Another alone sticker will be issued for motorcycles, that will be placed on the registration plate. In other cases - they will be applied on the periodical inspection report in accordance with existing procedures.

The new type of badge represents a new generation solution that will ensure high security from the use of enhanced protection methods.

The implementation of a new type sticker will not lead to higher tariffs from existing testing stations. Furthermore, the tariff will be reduced for certain categories of vehicles, by 50-per-cent. 

The Ministry of Information Technology and Communication and State Register have ensured the necessary conditions for implementing the new type of sticker under Government's Decision.

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