State raises subventions for farmers and new farming activities

The Moldovan Government okayed new rules to subsidize the Moldovan farmers and new farming activities. For this purpose, it has earmarked 900 million lei, of which 387 million lei from the ENPARD Moldova project.

The document aims at supporting the farmers, who develop ‘green’ agriculture, the entities providing consulting and training to farmers. The young farmers will get additionally 15 % from the calculated subvention.

The rules endorsed by the Government defines the main five supporting measures for farmers: investing in farms to adapt to the EU standards; investing in produce processing and sale; preparing measures to launch ‘green’ agriculture, bettering and developing agricultural infrastructure; consulting and training services.

The farmers are also encouraged to plant new orchards, vineyards and oil producing plants.

The entrepreneurs will get money to install anti-freeze and anti-hail equipment.

The draft regulation is to be passed by the Parliament.

($1 = 20 Moldovan lei)

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