State of emergency: People entering Transnistria will stay under 14-day quarantine

The Tiraspol authority declared yesterday the state of emergency which stipulates some traffic restrictions. 

According to the Transnistrian press, anyone who wants to enter the crossing points controlled by the so-called Transnistrian border police will stay under quarantine immediately for 14 days. 

Moreover, only the residents of Varnița and Severnîi in Tighina will have access to these localities. 

The interurban transports have been suspended except the minibuses connecting Tighina and Tiraspol. These transports only run between 5:00 - 10:00 and 16:00 - 20:00.

All the institutions, except PECO stations, grocery stores and pharmacies were closed.

All the large gathering events, sports competition were cancelled and school, kindergartens and universities were closed. 

The fine for violating the quarantine regime is 2760 Transnistrian rubles. Persons who are infected with COVID-19 and refuse hospitalization and self-isolation risk up to five years in jail. 

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