State Budget offered money to create better conditions for pupils from Temeleuți village

Local authorities from Temeleuți village, Florești district, have managed to find funds to renovate the gym of the local Gymnasium. 

Starting today, pupils will no longer need to stand the cold and will have the proper equipment for various sport activities.

The gym from Temeleuți was not renovated for a long time. The windows would let the cold sweep in, while the floor was heavily damaged. The school's budget could not even afford sport equipment. 

"It was very cold and we had to change into our gym clothes here. Now it is warm and we can play various games."

"The gym used to be mostly closed and we would study theory in class. We are happy that it was renovated."

"It was very cold. We sometimes would even play basketball with our gloves on, children would often hit their hands from the cold."

To solve those problems, the institution's administration addressed to local authorities who managed to find 960 000 lei for renovation works. The money came from the state budget.

"The windows were old and damaged. You could see the sky through the broken windows and doors. Boards were always set on the floor to not let it crumble" director of the Gymnasium from Temeleuți, Lilia Cazacu said.

To make the children justice, the mayor from the village has applied to a project for canteen renovation of the local kindergarten. Romania's Government has allocated 370 000 lei.

For decades, the cooks used old stoves. The woman claim that now, they will enjoy working.

"We worked under harsh conditions, with damaged windows and doors. We are very glad that now it is warm and we don't lack furniture."

This year, local authorities have also offered a private investment. The City Hall offered 60 000 lei to change the furniture in two kindergartens that were in dire need. The money were also used to purchase toys.

"The conditions are better now, we are very glad. As a mother, it pleases me."

The Mayor of Temeleuți claims that it is hard to find funds to create better conditions for villager, but not impossible.

"After all of this was done, the gyms had to be renovated and we managed to win a project at the National Investment Fund, worth 400 000 lei and in summer, in order to renovate the canteen, we once again had assistance from the National Investment Fund of Romanian Government" Mayor of Temeleuți village, Segiu Tertea said.

"Those investments are done for the future and health of the children, which is very important for us, for Republic of Moldova and I am sure that this is not the last time it is done" PDM deputy, Eugen Nichiforciuc declared.

In Temeleuți village live around 1 200 people.

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