State budget law enters force in due time first in 7 years

The state budget law and the budgetary-fiscal policy law enter force today, a premiere in seven years. A series of other reforms also start today with their respective laws enacted.

The new pension law is valid as of today allowing for increases for all the citizens. The pensions set in 2001 – 2008 will be reviewed and many will get even doubled.

The social assistants will have bigger salaries, increase being from 2,900 lei to 3,440 lei.

The state budget provides for an economic growth of 3%, as the exports are planned to grow 10 % and the imports -- 9 %.

70 projects are envisaged to be implemented in 2017: repairing roads, developing agricultural infrastructure and building housing for the poor.

Under the act, the budget incomes are to surge 11 % year-on-year reaching over 32 bn lei. The increase will be insured from taxes and foreign aid.

The salaries will grow as the budget deficit is set at over 4 bn lei.

The budgetary-fiscal policy provides for simplifying the levying in commerce, in the judiciary sector (lawyers, notaries, bailiffs.)

The excises on cigarettes will increase, but not their retail prices. The excises on alcoholic beverages and jewelry will be adjusted to the inflation rate.

The IT sector will have to pay but a tax of 7% from sales up to 2020.

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