State Budget income rose by nearly 22%

At the beginning of August, Moldova's state budget rose with 3,289 billion lei (21,9%), compared to the similar period from 2016 and now constitutes 18,318 billion lei (1,017 billiard USD).

According to the Ministry of Finance income rose with 3,304 billion lei (22,2%), now amounting to 18,171 billion lei. At the same time, external funding has decreased from 161,9 million lei to 147,2 million lei.

The most growth was registered from Customs Services, of 11,001 billion lei (19,4%), while Fiscal Services gained 8,015 billion lei (24%).

Another important source of income came from VAT tax of  9,103 billion lei (18,8%), income tax- 3,193 billion lei (20,8%) and excise stamps- 3,178 billion lei (34,5%). Ministry of Finance has also refunded tax money to economic agents, for January- July, for excise stamp and VAT tax, of 1,473 billion lei.

The budget expenses have risen since the beginning of year by 12%, reaching nearly 19,21 billion lei ($1,067 billion). Most of the expenses went to education- 5,08 billion lei, followed by social welfare - 4,238 billion lei and public services - 2,944 billion lei. 

Budget deficit of 891,6 million lei, were paid off by both internal and external sources. In a year it reached 2,365 billion lei.

State budget grew with 416,8 million lei at the beginning of the year, reaching 3,714 billion lei at the end of July, 969,1 million lei of which came from external funding.

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