Startups with European money

Ludmila and Galina are two women from the southern town of Taraclia who’ve opened their own tailor workshop. Their dream has come true after they got a European grant in amount of EUR19,000 on which they bought highly performing equipment.

Now they wait for clients and are proud they can fulfill any order with their sewing machines.

Now Ludmila and Galina poner over other goals: they want to become known all over Moldova.

"We want to participate in the Fashion Week show in November with a new collection of national costumes and modern clothes with national marks. We want to join the Textile Producers Associations," Galina Maslencova says. 

In the same program named "Supporting agriculture and rural development in the Gagauz autonomy and Taraclia," other 14 entrepreneurs have got by EUR18,700 to develop theire businesses.

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