STARTING TODAY! Moldova is an associate member of the European Union

The cornerstone document this country signed with the European Union enters force today. On this occasion, the Moldovan MPs and Cabinet have held a joint session.

"Starting today, Moldova is not just the EU’s partner, it’s an associate state to the EU. Considerable efforts have been made. Perhaps it’s time to mention that less politics and more work is the label we could use for the cooperation and work of the last six months. I am categorical in saying that in six months of cooperation one has done more than in two years,” the president of the Legislature said.

"I want to say to all the detractors and to the ones hoping Moldova will give on the European Union, given the latest events happening in the EU: they are bitterly mistaken. We have but a single plan, plan A, the European Union, and we are actually to the same extent firm in accomplishing our commitment for reforms in Moldova. Our European and US partners stay with us at the same table. Summing up: we have managed to re-build our development partners’ trust in Moldova. I invite you to be ready to work hard, to keep the momentum and I am confident we’ll be successful," said prime minister Pavel Filip.

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