"Start for young people: a business at home" Program. Young entrepreneurs will be supported by Government

Businesses launched by young entrepreneurs will be supported by the state - The government has today approved the "Start for young people: a business at home" Program. It is to be carried out in the period 2018-2020, in order to facilitate business initiation and motivate young people to carry out entrepreneurial activities.

In addition to financial support, young people will benefit from advisory and informational support for businesses that will create jobs in rural areas, but also for those focusing on priority areas such as: IT, agro-food industry, water and sanitation, tourism, services, health and well-being.

In the first stage of the program, business activities will be identified through activities throughout the country, and in the second phase, participants will be able to benefit from the Business Voucher, worth a maximum of 10,000 lei, which they will use for testing ideas, training in specific areas, as well as the elaboration of the investment plan.

The final stage involves selecting for future financing of the most viable and innovative investment projects. The financing will be 80% of the investment project but not more than 180 thousand lei, and the beneficiary enterprise will come up with a minimum of 20% of the investment project. In total, at least 250 businesses will be funded.

The program can be attended by the citizens of our country, with the age between 18 and 35, who intend to start a business or already run a newly registered enterprise on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

During the implementation of the program, it is planned to promote and inform about 1,000 young people about the opportunities to participate in the program, enrollment of 600 young people in the process of generating innovative business ideas, training and assisting in the development of the business of at least 540 young people.

The authority responsible for implementing the program and the 2-year monitoring of the enterprises launched within it is the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Development Organization (ODIMM). To implement the program, about 60 million will be allocated from the state budget. of lei.

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