Staff of Maia Sandu offers burgers and coffee for votes

A burger or a coffee for a vote. It is the new strategy of the staff of candidate Maia Sandu, promoted on social networks by their counselors. Through activists is Dumitru Alaiba, the one who counseled the former head of party of Maia Sandu, Vlad Filat, sentenced for service abuse and corruption.

The counselor of Maia Sandu advised the owners of bars and cafes to offer discounts or even free products to youngsters who present the stamp put in the identity card at the elections.

"Many people aged 30 do not go to vote, but they sure go to cafes. This might convince the youngsters more than five video spots" wrote Dumitru Alaiba on a social network.

The strategy of political marketing was crushed by sociologists, who consider that a simple bribing of electors.

"Congratulate those from the civil society who are putting LIKE to such garbage! I mean, 100 lei given to an old person for a vote receive hundreds of pages of reports, notices and conferences. Is it okay for you to put a price of 50 lei for a vote of a youngster?" writes the director of IMAS Chisinau, Doru Petruti.

The CEC president, Alina Russu, declared that she will analyze this information at today's meeting of the electoral authority.

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