Sports has no age limit. 160 retired attended national Olympiad for old

The sports has no age limit. 160 old persons attended the national Olympiad for old. The retired from 11 districts from the north of the country came in Drochia to play chess, tennis and even volley.

"I have always liked to play chess. It is very important, because when people are retired they get bored and they feel alone, thus they should have some activities". said Natalia Tcaci, participant.

The participants aged between 60 and 80 said they feel great.

"I play volley for more than 40 years. I have met my friends here. I am pleased."

"I play chess since the 5th grade."

The Olympiad is at its fourth edition. The organizers say that the number of participants raises from year to year.

"The sport means health. I am happy that firstly the volley team had four members, now it has ten", said Nina Turcan, the president of Nation's Thesaurus.

The Nation's Thesaurus is the organization of DPM retired.

"It is very important to support them."

This year, Drochia representatives won the chess contest and the ones from Soroca the volley one.

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