Split between MPs over voting on motion of censure against Sandu Government

The Democratic Party MPs Nicolae Ciubuc and Alexandru Botnari stated that the party had not made the final decision about the voting on motion of censure against the Sandu Cabinet which was initiated by the Socialist Party. 

"We'll decide during the course of debates. We have not discussed any kind of alliance", said Nicolae Ciubuc. 

MP Alexandru Botnari argued what would be reaction of the society if the Filip Government had assumed responsibility for prosecutor's appointment. 

MP Lilian Carp will vote against the motion, he said before the parliament plenary started. 

"It's likely there will be no majority if we vote for the motion". 

When asked why the government decided to endorse many social projects today, just hours before the parliamentary plenary, MP Lilian Carp said: These draft laws were supposed to be debated in parliament. As we see there exist the political chaos recently, we decided to approve them today. 

MP Octavian Ţîcu also votes against the motion because he voted for the government led by Maia Sandu. The statement was made before the parliament plenary stated.  

"I voted for the Sandu Government. I never vote for an alliance with PSRM", said Ţîcu.

According to Octavian Ţîcu, it's likely that PSRM and bloc ACUM could have reached an agreement in discussions last evening. 

"But this compromise is only a half of the measure which will not lead to the falling of this alliance", said Ţîcu.

Publika recalls that the parliament plenary is being held to debate the motion of censure against the Sandu Cabinet. 


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