Speech of PDM honorary president Dumitru Diacov at eighth PDM Congress

Democratic Party convened today at the eighth congress of the party. The honorary president of the party, Dumitru Diacov, made a speech at the event.

"It is time for the balance to see what we did in these four years. When you are part of a party that is responsible for the things that occur in the country, I am convinced that each of the delegates has a lot to say. You can not be a member of PDM in a country with many problems and to sleep soundly, to wake up and be happy. Our Congress is an important step for all of us. PDM these days has reached 20 years. For 20 years we are in the Moldovan politics.

I want us all to realize what is the Democratic Party, how we thought of it and how we think for him to stay on. There is no country in this world where there are such barricades as in Moldova. Without mobilization is not possible for a country to develop. This mission is the one of the Democratic Party. That should understand each party member, because we can move forward. We are a small country. We can mobilize. But this is a task of the political class in Moldova. But we have a political class that divides the country for votes.

Moldovan citizen wants to be peace in his country. At the state level we need to understand these things. That means the Democratic Party. This is our task. We must be the political exponent of Moldova. We want to have good relations with all neighbors. We want for the next president to be for all people. Because if he will be just for those who voted for him in the country will be instability. We need a national consensus in the name of the future. A national consensus based on the main idea: to live in a sovereign, independent and growing state, which offers future to its citizens. That is our mission.

PDM must inform the population and say that Moldova is a country that can be developed through a joint effort. PDM is the most organized party, which has structures in all localities in Moldova, which has hundreds of mayors, heads of educational, medical institutions. World expects from PDM a development program for the future.

We must assume this responsibility for the economy to work and people to be happy. Fewer statements, less demagoguery and more facts. Because the facts will create a healthy atmosphere in relations with other countries.

We are the only party that has shown that it is able to do steps. We had this responsibility and we thought first about the party. It is a party necessary for Moldova.

Our children and grandchildren should live in a prosperous society" said Dumitru Diacov.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that approximately 1,000 delegates from all districts of the country, members of the Democratic Party, met this morning in Chisinau, at the eighth Congress of the party.

The event is taking place at the Republican Palace, where party representatives from the territory and party leaders arrived since the early morning.

Along with the Democratic Party, attending the event are also guests from other political parties, representatives of academic and cultural field, as well as representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Chisinau.

At the same time, distinguished guests from the International Social Democratic movement came to greet Democratic Party event.

In the Congress hall is Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the International Socialist, Victor Ponta, vice president of the International Socialist, Chairman of the European Affairs in the Romanian Parliament, Sonja Lokar of the Party of European Socialists and several leaders of the Social Democrats of Georgia, Ukraine and Romania.

Democrats began the meeting with state anthem of the Republic sung by Ana Cernicova, soloist of the National Opera and Ballet "Maria Biesu".

The main point on the agenda of the Congress of today is choosing new administration of the Democratic Party - the party president, first vice-president and National Political Council. Also at the meeting will be adopted the new statute of the party and will be voted the political resolution of PDM.

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