Speculations of "Dignity and Truth" leader. Andrei Nastase says one thing and does another

The leader of "Dignity and Truth" party of mobsters Topa, says one thing, but does another. The wedding godson of the fugitive criminal Victor Topa, was concerned about the speed with which the signatures were collected in support of Marian Lupu, democrat candidacy for presidential election. They also asked for their verification. He, however, did not accept the invitation to attend the Central Election Commission verification of these petitions.

Central Election Commission has repeatedly invited observers and media representatives to participate in the verification lists of signatures.

The only ones who were willing to monitor the process were observers from Promo-Lex.

CEC chairman said he had received no written or telephone request either from political parties to participate in the monitoring process.

The press writes that this shows that the "Dignity and Truth" party statements behind which stay Topa mobsters are only speculations.

"All authorized persons have every right to attend these proceedings, with the written information to the Central Election Commission. I made an appeal to all authorized persons, accredited observers, representatives of mass media, entitled to engage to assist in verification of these documents" , said CEC chairman Alina Russu.

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