Specialists give advice for parents whose children go to school in first grade

The emotions are bigger for children who will start school next week. Students and parents are preparing, and aside of the purchase of the writing materials, they also have to prepare morally. The specialists recommend to parents to be calm and to talk with their children about school.

Even though the children are those who will go to school for the first time, parents have the biggest emotions. Psychologists recommend them to be calm and to discuss with kids about school.

The teachers of first grades are also mentioning the importance of parents in the children preparations.

An important moment is also the choosing of the right backpack, the most important school tool.

Parents have to take into account the recommendations and are choosing the best products for their children.

Even though some parents are not ready to send their children to school, the kids are impatient to gain knowledge.

There is a week left until the beginning of the school year, and this year around 33,000 children will go to school for the first time.

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