Specialists from Moldova and twenty other countries had met to make an experience exchange

Complications of pregnancy, abortion and gynecological diseases are the main causes of maternal and infant mortality. This topic, but also the infertility and the crisis of doctors in the field were discussed at the National Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Specialists from Moldova, as well as from 20 other countries gathered to exchange experience.

Although, according to doctors, the number of mothers' deaths has decreased twice, compared to the 1990s, the problem remains a major issue for our country.

"We see the solution of this problem by strengthening primary care by treating these patients in specialized medical institutions", said Iurie Dondiuc, main specialist in gynecology at MSMPS.

The death among children up to one year is a painful subject, doctors say. Parents are advised to be vigilant in the first year of life of babies.

"To comply with all the requirements, even the same vaccination, because monitoring is very important from the first months of life," explained Iurie Dondiuc.

As for the lack of medical staff, especially in rural areas ... "A solution would include the training of nurses and midwives with higher education, which would allow replacing some activities that are now being done by doctors," said Dondiuc .

The 40 maternity hospitals in Moldova have up to 50 births per year, and doctors say reducing the number of these institutions would improve the quality of the services provided.

"Most of us need ten mothers in the Republic of Moldova. These maternities must be equipped with all the necessary and then the young specialists will want to go there to work," said Valentin Friptu, president of the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The National Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology is at its sixth edition and aims to solve the problems in the field.

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