Special Event in Chisinau. Businessmen seek solutions for country's development (Photos)

Businessmen all over the country but also abroad top trainers have participating today in a Business Forum. The event is organized by the Business Association of Moldova and aims to identify the best solutions to our country's economic development.

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"It is extremely important that the business world, bussines not be in this activity harassed by control bodies such as customs, FISC site, police, prosecutors, judges. Because it is not normal that only simple people that are violating the law are punished. It is important that the persons in control punish thiose who break the law, and don't let them at freedom. I, as a representative of the ruling coalition, and all my colleagues will insist to make a general cleaning in all important sectors of the country. What you see happening today in the country is only a beginning, a modest start, but I assure you that we will continue and I through the job I hold in the ruling coalition, will support the cleaning. Who knows me knows that I do not throw words in the wind" , said AOAM founder, Vlad Plahotniuc.

The forum is part of the education of young people and entrepreneurs. The event discusses starting and developing a business, proper management of human and financial resources in a company, but also about ensuring the independence of entrepreneurs.

"I hope the forum will generate discussion and interesting debate. You will have the opportunity to ask our guests direct questions. That fact that our speakers are from Russian Federation, will hopefully help us to better understand the regional context, how to develop our business, how to launch new businesses. We have quite a lot in common. I was part of a community space someday. Business world is alike. We were talking yesterday with colleagues and the challenges they face in the bussines world ", said the general manager of AOAM, Andrei Crigan.

700 people participated at the Businessmen Association Forum of Moldova. The event will last two days and will be live broadcasted on the website PUBLIKA.MD.

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