Special day for pensioners in Capital. Charity concert organized by private school students

Special day for dozens of pensioners in the capital. Students of a private school in Ciocana sector organized a concert for former doctors, lawyers, teachers and civil servants on the International Day of older people .

Moreover, organizers have collected over 13 thousand lei for elders who need help.

More than 50 elderly took part of a show organized by the younger generation. Students have pleasantly surprised with a recital of songs and dances, but also words of gratitude for the contribution they have had on the development of the Ciocana sector.

Students explained that they want to bring light to the eyes and souls, whose life is overshadowed by the weight of years. Moreover, they say they will not stop here.

A charity was organized at the event and 13 thousand lei were collected.

Part of the money will be donated to Petru Carare, who is bedridden.

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