Speaker, parliamentarians start trip to Switzerland

Parliament President Andrian Candu leaves for Switzerland on an official visit til June 8 and is accompanied by the MPs Sergiu Sîrbu and Artur Reşetnicov. 

At the Federal Assembly, they will discuss projects of bilateral cooperation in security, economy and law-making. They will focus on the reforms started by the Moldovan authorities and on the security concerns on the background of the regional conjuncture and Moldova’s neutrality status.

In Bern, the parliamentary delegation will also meet with the chair of the National Council, Jurg Stahl, and the president of the Council of States, Ivo Bischofberger.

The Moldovans parliamentarians will also confer with the chief of the Development and Cooperation Agency, Ambassador Manuel Sager and the chief of the Federal Police Office, Nicoletta Della Valle.

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