Speaker of the Parliament had a meeting with the new US Ambassador to Moldova. What the two officials talked about

The United States of America is the strategic partner of the Republic of Moldova, and cooperation on all areas of common interests needs to be further developed. This words said Andrian Candu, Speaker of the Parliament, at the meeting with Dereck Hogan, the new US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting, officials exchanged views on internal developments in the Republic of Moldova and those in the region as well as the risks of external interference in the context of future parliamentary elections. The President of the Parliament stressed the determination of the authorities to ensure the holding of free and transparent elections. To this end, the authorities have undertaken and will continue to take actions to ensure the fairness of the electoral process, including rules and equal opportunities for all candidates. In this context, Andrian Candu mentioned the report of the Legal Commission, Appointments and Immunities, which concerns the elections in the capital, as well as the parliamentary investigation related to the Open Dialog Foundation.

The speaker noted the intensification of interparliamentary cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the USA. During this year, the Interparliamentary Dialogue has been harnessed through US State Department, Treasury and US Congress meetings, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This year, US Congress and Senate resolutions were registered for Moldova.

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