Speaker dubs 'irresponsible' President's joy as to EU likely to postpone Moldova's financing

Parliament President Andrian Candu today has slammed President Igor Dodon and opposition leaders Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase for their joy at hearing the news of possible postponement of EU financing in amount of EUR100 mn.

"I consider it to be an irresponsible statement on behalf of President Dodon that the EU could possibly delay Moldova's funding. The EU does not help the government but the country and its citizens. It's a matter of investment projects and budgetary backup. Making such statements is being against one's own citizens," Andrian Candu said. 

Igor Dodon today got to media and expressed his joy with the EU's halting or delaying funds to Moldova.

There is no decision at the European Union regarding the postponement of the funding for Moldova.

There is an initiative of European Popular Party, which is pressed from Moldova by Maia Sandu and Andrei Năstase, as they had done on the IMF.

This pressing is not against the Moldovan Government, but to the detriment of Moldova and its citizens.

President Dodon’s and the opposition’s conduct I consider irresponsible, condemnable and I condemn them," Andrian Candu stated.

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