Speaker Candu on dialog among Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia: It's a joint position contributing to reform implementation

The joint statement inked by Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia asking the European Parliament to offer a clear perspective of joining the EU will have a heavy word to say in Brussels. Especially because the three countries have statuses of associates, while implementing the Association Deal will make Moldova eligible to apply for adhesion. 

The statements were made yesterday evening by the Parliament President, Andrian Candu, on a show at Publika TV.

He said the dialogue among these three countries will contribute to the implementation of reforms.

"There is timing among Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. There is a consolidated position. It helps us even in the dialogue with the partners from Brussels and Strasbourg. You can time even clear-cut moves related to reforms," Andrian Candu said.

Andrian Candu said withdrawing the bill on changing the voting system was not among the conditions to disburse the EU’s 100 million euros: "There is a solution to every element, which needs to be debated and then voted. It’s important just to vote, it’s important to implement. We must guarantee the upcoming election will be fair, democratic, transparent, efficient, etc."

The official said adopting a roadmap was necessary to mobilize the government. The first document of this type grounded ample reforms, export growth, more jobs and a larger average salary.

"Roadmap 2 refers to the cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, to 10 – 15 conditions of the European Union regarding the macro-financial assistance, bills referring to dwellings for youth and meal tickets for employees," the Speaker concluded.

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