Speaker Andrian Candu remarks solidarity in Chisinau Establishment as to Transnistrian settlement talks

Regardless of the political affiliation, it’s necessary to have a common voice and solidarity as to the reintegration of the country. Parliament speaker Andrian Candu has made the statement after a special reunion on the situation on the left bank of the Nistru river.

"We have discussed the talks agenda, the 5+2 format negotiations held in Berlin, about what is to be expected at the reunion in Bavaria. All the participants have remarked the importance of expanding the platform. All the attendants have reached the same ideas, as the Moldovan negotiators will be backed up by the political sector," Candu has specified.

He says the economic situation in the Transnistrian area has also been tackled: "The situation is not good enough, we may even say a humanitarian catastrophe. We’ll talk to prime minister Filip to idenmtify solutions to help the Transnistrian area."

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