Speaker Adrian Candu meets Romanian president Klaus Iohannis

The speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu, has had today a meeting with Romanian president Klaus Iohannis.

The two high-rank officials have discussed about the bilateral relations, the implementation stage of Moldova’s Association Agreement with the EU, the internal developments in Moldova and the prospects of Transnistrian settlement.

President Iohannis has reiterated Romania’s support for Moldova’s European course. He has encouraged the reforms in the judiciary and corruption fighting, the betterment of the business environment and of the public administration. He has assured he will support Moldova’s economic integration into the European Union, including through the power projects envisaging Moldova’s connection to the European power space through Romania.

Andrian Candu has specified that the Chișinău government will go on with the reforms in the banking-financial sector, in justice and in the business environment.

The Chișinău speaker has thanked for Romania’s recent humanitarian aid and the such cooperation projects as the SMURD rescuing network.

The high-rank officials have exchanged views regarding the process in Transnistrian dossier within the context of the recent talks in the 5+2 format in Berlin.

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