Spa resorts from Moldova full of foreigners. Why did they chose Moldovan services?

Foreign tourists do not come to Moldova just to visit our attractions, but also to treat their various chronic diseases. For example, most patients in our spa resorts are from Italy, Germany, Israel, Romania and Russia. They say that the services provided in the spa resorts from Moldova do not differ from those in Europe, where you also say that the prices are lower. It is also the case of a resort from Vadul Voda, which was visited last year by more than 300 tourists.

"Probably, there is no such thing in Russia and I advice it to everyone." "We have a bath with salt water, balneotherapy, massage, it is very good, we have 10 days since we are here and we feel really good."

 Mihail Sumschi, 81 is a native of Israel. He says he has been chosen to be treated in Moldova for four years now.

"After the flu, I could not go and they taught me to go as a child, here they have a bath, a massage, three days and I think I'll get back here."

"Ozone therapy for those with cardiovascular problems is one of the most popular procedures required by foreigners.

At the moment, it is considered one of the most efficient methods on the natural way, the essence consists in the application of two remedies, components, substances important for human health, oxygen and ozone, O2 and O3", said Sergiu Pirgari, ozonotherapy specialist.

And acupuncture helps maintain psychological balance.

"There are resorts where acupuncture points are and acting on them, we calm down or reduce tension."

The curative turim is also widely appreciated by Moldovans.

"We come with our husband in 2012 and do the acupuncture or ozonotherapy every year. After these procedures, I feel like I'm flying, I'm easier, and for years I have no problems," said Viorica Steclari, an acupuncturist.

The cost of a treatment ticket for 10 days is, on average, four thousand lei.

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