South-Korean volunteers remain HIGHLY IMPRESSED with Moldova

16 youths from South Korea have organized summer schools in Moldova, giving Korean and computer classes. In their turn, they have received hospitality.

The volunteers have been impressed and say they’re to return to Moldova. They have been amazed at the culture, language and cuisine.

And it was in Moldova that they got onto a căruţă (wagon) for the first time.

The Moldovan kids were very happy to meet the South-Korean guests. They even learnt the anthem of ‘the serene dawn country.’

The Korean volunteers visit Oxentea village, on the Nistru river, for the third year. They were given a concert with diplomas, and they gave a laptop and video camera to the mayor’s office.

The young Koreans come to Moldova through the agency of the Korean Language and Culture Center within a Moldovan University.

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