Sor, PDM, PSRM and ACUM on the next governing coalition

The Democratic Party is not ready to make a governing coalition because the party has its own agenda. The statement was made by PDM President Pavel Filip after the discussion with President Igor Dodon. 

According to Pavel Filip, the party is in a deep process of resetting and reforming.

"However, it would be irresponsible to leave the country without government and to hold early parliamentary elections. That's why we have our conditions. We have social projects launched by PDM and suspended by the Maia Sandu government. We still have more initiatives for people. We will make a decision if we elect a prime minister who will take into account the PDM proposals and observance of the Association Agreement with the EU", said Filip. 

The other parties PAS, PPDA, PSRM were also summoned to consultations with the head of state.

PSRM and PAS-PPDA alliance want to create a new PSRM-ACUM governing coalition but they demand distinctly paradoxical conditions. 

Whereas bloc ACUM PAS-PPDA will cooperate with PSRM only when Maia Sandu remains prime minister and Igor Dodon no more involves in the future government, PSRM requests to elect other candidates but Maia Sandu as prime minister. 

"We're making an alliance with the bloc ACUM but with new conditions, new government structure, new candidate for prime minister. If the bloc ACUM is ready to examine this possibility, we will examine any candidates proposed by the president for the position of prime minister", said Zinaida Greceanîi. 

Also present at the consultation, representatives of Sor Party stated early parliamentary elections would be the only solution to the actual political impasse. 

Denis Ulanov, Sor parliamentary faction president, described the two possible scenarios - minority government and early elections - so as to resolve the political chaos. 

"We opt for early parliamentary elections. We believe this is the best option because a government without the support of a parliamentary majority can't function effectively", said Denis Ulanov. 

In Tuesday's parliamentary plenary, 63 out of 101 lawmakers voted in favor of the motion of censure against the Maia Sandu's Moldovan government.

Parties now have 90 days to try to form a new government. If they fail, another parliamentary election would be called.

PSRM clashed with bloc ACUM over the draft law approved last week which provides for amendment of the rules for selecting candidates for the position of Prosecutor General. 

Under the proposed changes, the prime minister will be the one who will pre-select at least two candidates for the position of Prosecutor General. Subsequently, the list of candidates will be sent to the Superior Council of Prosecutors, who will submit to the head of state the nomination for the position of Prosecutor General.




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