Sor party: Zinaida Greceanîi demanded resignation of honor due to her husband involvement in BEM fraud

Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanii needs to file resignation of honor because her husband's firm is mentioned in Kroll report as beneficiary of Banca de Economii fraud. This is opinion of Sor deputies who are outraged by the fact that the majority of parliament ignored this details. Moreover, they accused the PSRM-ACUM alliance of double standards.

Sor deputy Denis Ulanov said in a news briefing that the current alliance is committing serious violations. That's because it does not accept opposition representatives in the parliamentary committee which is investigating bank fraud, which is led by PPDA deputy, Alexandru Slusari.

Denis Ulanov says he wants to be part of this commission, but he was rejected on the grounds that he was in a conflict of interest. And that's because he was the advocate of Ilan Shor in the Kroll report. Ulanov is puzzled as to why only the Sor party is accused of fraud in the banking system, but other names in Parliament are overlooked.

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