Sor MP Tauber and Zinaida Grecenîi exchange heated words: Bank-fraud-related surprises await you

Sor MP Marina Tauber warned Parliament President Zinaida Grecenîi about many bank-fraud-related surprises. The statement was made in the parliament meeting. 

"When you leave this hall, many bank-fraud-related surprises and our investigation await you. I hope that Mr Slusari and you will be happy with our investigation. I know that Ms Grecenîi was involved in what happen with me and our family. We will fight that your family will be punished according to the laws", said Marina Tauber.

In reply, Zinaida Grecenîi requested the law enforcement to be notified these declarations of Tauber. 

"Let's not make unnecessary declarations. I and my family were targeted. The law enforcement should be notified these declarations of Sor MP", said Zinaida Grecenîi. 

According to Marina Tauber, Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office confirmed a criminal file had been opened on Zinaidei Greceanîi's husband in the bank fraud case. 



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