Son of Israel's tourists that died because of explosion from Riscani Sector: STOP the attacks to emergency services

Ilie Galperin, the son of the tourists in Israel, dead following the explosion in the Râşcani block block, calls on the Internet to stop the attacks on emergency services that have occurred after deflagration.

"I decided to offer this interview because I read a lot of negative comments on the social networks in the emergency services, the police, etc. I was at the deflagration site before the rescuers. I entered the parents' apartment through the balcony of my neighbors I helped unlock a neighbor's door, I opened the common door, the rescuers went in. We walked with them to the apartment, and together I found my fatally hurt father.

In front of me a savior was a serious trauma after a concrete slab was hit. They worked by risking their lives. They worked without insurance. People risked their lives, young boys risked their lives to save the dead. I am grateful to the young savior who arrived in the hospital, "said Oleg Galperin.

The son of the tourists in Israel, dead following the explosion in the Râşcani district block, said he had all the support of local authorities, emergency services, psychologists, and police.

Oleg Galperin also thanked the representatives of Vlad Plahotniuc Foundation "Edelweiss" for their support.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that after the deflagration four people have lost their lives. The 30-year-old woman and her 4 years old were spent on the last trip today.

The inanimate bodies of Israel's tourists are to be transported to their country of origin.

They also suffered more people. Among them is a young woman in whose apartment the deflagration took place. She was taken out of the ruins of two boys walking in the park near the block.

The fireman was also a fireman over which a concrete slab fell. His life is beyond any danger.

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor General's Office filed a criminal case for violating the rules for using gas cylinders after the explosion in the block on Moscow Boulevard.

Those who will be found guilty may be fined up to 67,000 lei or up to 3 years in prison.

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