Sole allowance for beginner medical staff to increase by 50 percent

The sole allowance for beginner doctors and pharmacists, who will go to work in villages, will increase by 50 percent. According to a project of the Ministry of Health, if young professionals currently receive 30 thousand lei, after the increase they will receive 45 thousand lei.

The document also states that for the medical and pharmaceutical staff with secondary education the indemnity will increase from 24,000 lei to 36,000. The first installment will be paid after the first month of service and will be 11,000 lei for doctors and pharmacists and 9,000 lei for healthcare and pharmaceutical staff of intermediate level.

The remaining money will be awarded at the end of each year of service. Payment of allowances will be made from the funds provided in the annual state budget law, through the budgets of medical institutions where young professionals will be distributed.

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