Sociologist Lisnevski considers Ţopa's puppet 'learned' deviant behavior to attract the voters

Sociologist Ian Lisnevski considers that "puppet" of oligarch Ţopa, Andrei Năstase "learned" deviant behavior of fugitive Renato Usatîi to attract the voters. On a show Принципы (principles) of Prime TV, Lisnevski said the majority of politicians in opposition are unstable emotionally. 
"These politicians have used unethical languages and behaviors many times. Andrei Nastase allows himself to do this because, as it was said, he tries to move from the right to the left", said Lisnevski. 
The expert also said that this behavior is dictated by entourage. 
"I see that their behaviors have worsened because their entourage do the same. People around them say they had a good speech. But it just shows actually their behaviors degrade. When rating determines such behaviors, this may pose a threat to our society". 
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