Socialists want to hold a meeting with Democratic Party over country's political crisis

Socialist Party wants to have a meeting with Democratic Party, announces PSRM Political Executive Committee. They want to discuss with PDM further details about proposals offered previously by PDM regarding the country's political crisis. 

PSRM executive secretary Vlad Batrîncea declared that all actions would be decided on Friday at PSRM Political Office meeting. They will discuss proposals of PDM and bloc ACUM. 

PAS party decided to give Socialists the post of Parliament President which really cheered up the Socialists. 

"If bloc ACUM want to discuss, you should have common positions. Then we will stay at table to discuss", said Vlad Batrîncea.

Representatives of PDM have not offered comments on PSRM decisions. In order to create a governing alliance, Socialists request several important functions in the government. Accordingly, they want the post Parliament President for Zinaida Greceanîi, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Internal Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration. Moreover, PSRM request additional attributions for the country's president. 

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