Socialists shake hand with Democrats over ruling coalition agreement

Zinaida Greceanîi and Pavel Filip have signed an agreement to create a new governing coalition. 

"The role of the Democratic Party in this government is clear: to ensure the implementation of the Association Agreement, the EU path, to maintain territorial integrity, energy security, to continue the strategic partnership with the United States, to maintain good relations with the neighbors Romania and Ukraine," said Pavel Filip .

The agreement was signed by all members of the two factions in two copies, Zinaida Greceanîi said. The text of these agreements will be publicized. 

According to Pavel Filip, the Democratic Party will propose the following candidates:

Cristina Lesnic - Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration,

Alexandru Pînzari - Ministry of Defense,

Igor Şarov- Ministry of Education,

Oleg Ţulea - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration,

Sergiu Răilean - Ministry of Economy


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