Socialist presidential candidate appeals to left wing to back him in runoff

Igor Dodon seeks the support of the left parties to secure a win in the runoff of the presidential race.

The PSRM leader has called on the Communists’ leader Vladimir Voronin and on the Partidul Nostru Party’s leader Renato Usatîi, asking them to help him win

"Dear friends, why the right-wing parties can unite and we can’t? I address Usatîi, Ciubaşenco, Voronin. The fight among the left parties makes the right-wing parties stronger. Let’s forget the things in the first round. Let’s unite now, when there is the danger of losing the governance," said Igor Dodon.

The Socialist presidential runner considers he has recorded a good vote in the first round and shows himself confident he will garner 60% of votes in the runoff, provided he has the backing of the left parties.

Renato Usatîi’s party’s candidate, Dumitru Ciubașenco, gained over 6% in the suffrage, as the PCRM (Communists) called on supporters to boycott the ballot.

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