Socialist Party rejects Maia Sandu's proposal

The Socialist Party rejected the proposal of PM Maia Sandu. According to the PSRM MP Vasile Bolea, the only solution is to withdraw the responsibility assumption. Otherwise, the motion will be examined in the next parliamentary meeting. 

"We reiterate the idea we started last week. The only solution for easing the political gridlock is that prime minister will withdraw the law on government's responsibility assumption. Otherwise, we will debate the censure motion. 

We examined the solution prime minister offered today. The Venice Commission does not examine the law which came into force but the draft law which is to be adopted. 

If we withdraw the censure motion now, this draft bill will take effect", said Vasile Bolea.

Prime Minister Maia Sandu has proposed today to send the controversial law to the Venice Commission for expertise as a solution to ease the gridlock in parliament. 
"After the law comes into force, we will send it to the Venice Commission for expertise in order to activate the new mechanism for the pre-selection of candidates and the withdrawal of the censure motion. I make the public commitment not to send the shortlist to the Prosecutors Superior Council before receiving the opinion of the Venice Commission. Thus, the government will continue its activity", said Maia Sandu. 



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